Will you come with me? For I cannot wait to share the world with you, Jem. There is so much to see.

Modern Jessa because of reasons
Thank you so much to everyone who suggested places these two might go :)

Jem and Tessa are from The Infernal Devices by cassandraclare

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date a guy who reads. date a guy who will always be there for you no matter what. date a guy who will be turned on whenever you push his buttons. date a guy who will entertain you, who will distract you from the pains of everyday life, and will always be there in the bedroom waiting for you. date a guy who reads… video game discs. date a gaming console. 

The perfect boyfriend XD






If a person’s biggest fear is heights, what form would that person’s boggart take?

jared padalecki idk

Do you think boggart Jared would forcefully give you a piggyback ride and run around yelling “I am your biggest nightmare”

because I think he would


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Conclusion: Angelina as Maleficent Is Perfection

Conclusion: Angelina as Maleficent Is Perfection


Who run the world?

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